Graham Walters

Position: President
Year: Third
Robe Design: Crashing Waves
Voice Part: Baritone/Tenor 2
Nickname(s): Grahammy
Major: Commerce
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): Silence, Goodnight and Go, I Like Me Better
Favorite Quote: “No I’m not lucky, I’m blessed.” - Nicki Minaj
Interesting Fact: One of my favorite past times is watching car crash compilations.


Kyle Thielsch

Position: Business Manager
Year: Third
Robe Design: Galaxy
Voice Part: Tenor 2
Nicknames: Ykle Shittle, Pierce, Hoop Boy
Major: Computer Science and Math
Hometown: Midlothian, VA
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): Youngblood, Bad Liar
Favorite Quote:  “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” -Padfoot, Prongs, Wormtail, and Moony
Interesting Fact: Graham’s fun fact makes me uncomfortable.


Chandler Showalter

Position: Music Director
Year: Third
Robe Design: Pretzels
Voice Part: Tenor 1/Super Tenor
Nicknames: Chan, Channy, Chanshow
Major: Media Studies
Hometown: Waynensboro, VA
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): We Don’t Eat, Weight In Gold, Make It Awkward (Da Wes Lon Bois)
Favorite Quote:  "How many things would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” - Robert Frost 
Interesting Fact: The power of Twitter got me a year’s supply of Zaxby’s gift cards last March




Henry Cohen

Robe Design: Sharks
Voice Part: Bass
Nicknames: Rico, HCo, Henny, Nate, Craig
Major: Commerce and Studio Art
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): Refuse, Style, We Don't Eat
Favorite Quote: "It's a giraffe!" - Patrick Star
Interesting Fact: My favorite cereal is Count Chocula, but Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a close second.

Colin Watts

Robe Design: Tropical/Beachy
Voice Part: Tenor
Nicknames: C-Breezy, Weenie, Weenie Hut Jr, Dad, Emeritus
Major: Commerce
Hometown: Winchester, VA
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): One, Silence, I Will Wait
Favorite Quote:  “If you learn to use adversity right, it will buy you a ticket to a place you couldn’t have gone any other way” - Tony Bennett, coach of the reigning NCAA Champion Virginia Men’s Basketball Team - Go Hoos!
Interesting Fact: I eat at Roots (a restaurant on the Corner) at least three times a week - and that is a conservative estimate.




Jalon Daniels

Robe Design: Barbershop Quartet
Voice Part: Tenor
Nicknames: Juuloni, Jamal, Savage, Jevron
Major: Computer Science and Cognitive Science
Hometown: Lexington, SC
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): One, How To Save A Life, Slow Hands, Paris
Favorite Quote: "I heard you like Louis Vuitton..." - some random old man in LA
Interesting Fact: I have technically won two Oscars and a Golden Globe after my analytical work was referenced in the movie "Green Book.”


Nick Lee

Robe Design: ?
Voice Part: Baritone/Tenor 2
Nicknames: New Guy
Major: Cognitive Science
Hometown: South Riding, VA
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): Malibu, Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Sweater Weather
Favorite Quote: "I have a bad feeling about this..." - Luke Skywalker
Interesting Fact: I can lick my elbow!


Max Feinstein

Robe Design: Yankees
Voice Part: Baritone
Nicknames: Maxi, Feinbeanz, Beanz, Mad Max
Major: Economics
Hometown: Northport, NY
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): We Don't Eat, Silence
Favorite Quote: "Let's have a good time today and worry about tomorrow tomorrow." - Real Bros of Simi Valley
Interesting Fact: I have eaten over 15 whole habanero peppers.




Ben Hill

Robe Design: Deathly Hallows
Voice Part: Tenor 2/Baritone
Nicknames: New Guy
Major: Global Security and Justice
Hometown: Manassas, VA
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): Blessed, Can I Be Him, Malibu
Favorite Quote: “I have no idea what I’m doing but I know I do it really, really well.” -Andy Dwyer
Interesting Fact: I became an uncle at 8 years old


Avery Shivers

Robe Design: Chameleon Print
Voice Part: Baritone
Nicknames: Sunshine
Major: Undecided
Hometown: White Stone, VA
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): Can I Be Him?
Favorite Quote: "Hot damn, hot water, hot shower." -The Masterful Lyricist Chance the Rapper
Interesting Fact: My phone has been broken for over a month, and I still haven't fixed it yet!


Chris Obolensky

Robe Design: Clouds
Voice Part: Baritone/Tenor 2
Nicknames: New Guy
Major: Government/Public Policy
Hometown: Great Falls, VA
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): Silence 
Favorite Quote: Always remember you’re unique, just like everybody else. 
Interesting Fact: Bruno Mars is actually my dad


Rishab Ramamurthy

Robe Design: ?
Voice Part: Baritone
Nicknames: New Guy
Major: Economics and African American Studies
Hometown: Bradenton, FL
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): Youngblood
Favorite Quote: “Real Gs move in silence like lasagna.” -Lil Wayne
Interesting Fact: To impress the guys when I got in the group, I took a bite of Dove soap covered in ketchup, maple syrup, yogurt, chocolate syrup, and chips.




Quinn Ferguson

Robe Design: ?
Voice Part: Bass
Nicknames: New Guy
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): Youngblood, Blessed
Favorite Quote: “Yeahhhhh….sooooo…ummmm….uhhhh” - Me
Interesting Fact: I love playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends.


Hunter McGuire

Robe Design: ?
Voice Part: Bass
Nicknames: New Guy
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Goochland, VA
Favorite Hullabahoos Song(s): Earth Wind & Fire Medley
Favorite Quote: “When the going gets tough... The tough get going” - Bluto
Interesting Fact: I grew a foot in two years.