So You Want to be a Hullabahoo?

The Hullabahoos are a group of guys at the University of Virginia who like to hang out and love to sing. Being a part of the Hullabahoos is a substantial time commitment, but be prepared for the ride of your life. The group is as much about the close friendships you will form and the good times you will have together as anything else.

Our day-to-day activities include rehearsing twice a week, time in the recording studio, performing around grounds and on the road, and just hanging out. Some of the best times we have had together are on our annual Fall East Coast Tour or on trips to Los Angeles, Oregon, New York City, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, New Orleans, or Washington DC, for example.

We look for new guys each Fall at auditions. We encourage you to think about coming out if you are interested, even if you have no background in music but just enjoy singing.

When are auditions?

The Hullabahoos hold auditions once a year in the Fall. If you tried out for the Hullabahoos before and did not make it, we strongly encourage you to try out again. Fall audition dates are To Be Announced for Fall 2020. Walk-ins are welcome!

Do I need to have any singing experience?

Nope. Several of our best guys over the years have never had any voice or musical training. You don’t have to know how to read music either, you just have to enjoy singing.

Hullabahoos makE a cameo appearance in Pitch Perfect

What should I prepare for my audition?

Prepare for us two songs that best show off your voice. These can be any two songs, really. It can be something as common as “Happy Birthday” or The Star-Spangled Banner, or whatever you listen to on the radio. Since there is usually not a ton of time, please try to limit your selections to about a verse and a chorus. The audition will consist of warming up and down on scales, a pitch recall exercise, and your solo performances.

How many people are you looking to take?

We don’t go into auditions looking for a certain number of people. We are just looking for the best guys we can for our group at that particular time.

If I didn’t get in this time, can I try out again?

Absolutely! We hope you do. Several guys in the group didn’t get in their first time around, so please try out again if you want to. Best of luck!


If you have any other questions, please email our President Graham Walters. We would love to hear from you.